Faith in Our Future

Projects to date


· Drop Ceilings & New Lighting in Middle School & High School Classrooms

· Perimeter Fencing

· Modernize Telephone System


· Drop Ceilings

· New Lockers for Middle School and High School

· Gym Ceiling

· Window lentils


· Air conditioning in classrooms

· Fire alarm upgrades

· Façade repair on back of high school

· Improve electrical service to the building

· Renovate 2 science labs

· Drop ceilings in senior hallway


· Renovation of both girls and boys locker rooms


· Renovation of High School Library

The Steering committee determines the future project list. Nearly $1.3 million dollars has been pledged so far and $767,794 has been invested in Burlington Notre Dame Catholic Schools.

Help us continue to make improvements to ourschool by making a pledge.

Please contact Val Giannettino, Development Director at (319)754-8431 ext. 385 or